Hope everyone’s having a banging start to 2019! 🎉

But first — I wanna make a little recap of my releases of 2018.📖

And when I say recap, I really mean let’s talk about the growly alphas I write about! 😍👅

#letsbehonest #weknowwhywearehere #dontmakemebeg #oractually 

So ….HERE IS MY TOP 5 LIST OF Frankie Love HEROES FROM 2018!


Have you met Moxon Malone from Filthy-Sweet? 

He’s swoony, he’s dirty and he’s a mechanic with the biggest wrench you’ve ever seen. Get ready, sweetheart, it’s about time you had your oil changed! Moxon had plenty of ideas about getting under Millie’s hood and I’m still a little worked up over it. #OverheatingMyEngine


The Six Men of Alaska series features six men (duh!) … and it’s hard to choose just one … but if I was pinned against a wall and forced to choose, Banks (from book 4) would be the one I’d want to tie me up.

He is a little more BDSM than most of my heroes, and he brought out Tia’s wild side. Banks was dark and wounded, a kind of hero I can seriously get behind. Literally and figuratively. #NoShame #WhatAGirlWants


Okay … we all have our celebrity crushes and Braden, the swoony hero in #OBSESSED was my ode to Kylo Ren. I am a shameless #FanGirl over Adam Driver and if I could package him up in  little ebook, this would be my fantasy come true.

He knew what Aubrey wanted and made his girl wait for it… the chemistry was through he roof and I am still having daydreams about him taking me to the Dark Side.  #hardcorecrushing #nevertoomuch


I love a man with a sense of humor! Kodiak didn’t judge Kensie for liking trashy-tv and for drooling over man candy on IG. In Hashtagged By The Mountain Man, Kodiak understood his girl. And that is sexier then hell. He loved her for who she was, not who he wanted her to be. It’s HOT! He was all about Kensie and would do anything for her. There is something truly alpha about a man who would do ANYTHING for the woman he loves. Also, I love IG (find me at @frankielove_romance)… and this was more than insta-love, it was Instagram-love!

1. BEAR!

All the men on Miracle Mountain give me baby-fever … but Bear, from Chiseled, takes the cake!  He has secrets, a deep growl, and he will fight for love like no man I’ve ever met (I mean, except for my own husband of seventeen years …. #shhhh).

I love that he’s the silent type of hero… but when he growls in Gracie’s ears, claiming his woman, oh gosh — not so quiet any more is it?! #BabiesForDays #IsThisRealLifeEven #GimmeDatBaby

Did you have a favorite book-hero this year?!💋

Share in the comments!

Can’t wait to bring you more panty-melting heroes in 2019! 🎀

🎉Happy New Year, Babycakes!!!!🎉

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  1. I really liked Dane from “B.I.L.F: Beard I’d Like To…” He wasn’t judgmental about Daphne’s job or what she liked in the bedroom! They were a powerhouse alpha couple!

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