Six Men of Alaska

Passion and suspense fill the pages of this dystopian romance series. The world as we know it may be over, but Tia and her six men of Alaska aren’t giving up without a fight.

Our Love Story

This story has a different sort of HEA … one lucky lady and the four men who adore her. Set in Jamaica, this is more than a beach read … this is a sex-on-the-beach read— just like you deserve! Is it just me or is it gettin’ hot in here?!

Daughters of Olympus

Daughters Of Olympus is a five book, paranormal romance, reverse harem series … Land. Sky. Sea. Underworld. All four are at odds—and only the Daughters of Olympus can bring them together to save mankind.

Mountain Man X2

Cedar and Pine aren’t your typical mountain men. And when they see Birdie, they won’t let her fly away. These men can chop down wood… but I promise they have no trouble getting hard!