Porter & Jenna

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Scr🎁wed Tight is Live! 

This book was so fun to write. I’m all about the forbidden love trope! Brother’s best-friend books are always so fun because it gets a little angsty and more than a little hot and bothered! LOL.

Chantel and I hope you love this story set in the Hammers & Veils world. Next week you get the final story with Colton & Clemente! I told you we had lots of goodies for you!


The epitome of filthy-sweet, Scr🎁wed Tight is one dirty little book!

Jenna is a virgin who takes innocence to a whole new level.

Porter Smith is about to screwdrive-her in a way she’s been dreaming of her entire life!

Sit tight and get ready to enjoy the drilling. 


You can grab it here — only .99 or free in Kindle Unlimited: https://buff.ly/2ILYRLf

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