Resolution: Baby Batter

Dune is your blue-collar fantasy with extra sprinkles. He wears a uniform and is reporting for duty. Diaper duty.

Baby Gravy

I saved the juiciest piece for you! This one is deliciously insane and a little more punny than you’re used to. Don’t worry, this lil’ story will make that drive to your in-laws as sweet as candied yams and sexier than basting that bird!

Explored By The Mountain Man

There is no alien love in this mail-order bride romance, promise! Just bearded hotties and the women they’ve claimed! Nick and Nova’s love story is out-of-this-world!

Baby Spice Forever

It’s time to pack your bags, darlings! We’re headed to Dublin! We’re getting more than pinched this St Patrick’s day — we’re getting very, very lucky! Who’s ready to get shamrocked?!