Here we go, again!

Tulips from my yard, hand print from my youngest, card from my sister.

I recently read a book called Digital Minimalism and was totally inspired. I don’t read a ton of non-fiction (hello, I’m busy drooling over yummy heroes!) but every once in awhile I find myself compelled to read something outside the normal Frankie-box.

Anyways, there was lots in the book that was kind of a gut-punch regarding how much time I spend online… Yikes, I don’t really wanna think about how often I look at my freaking phone… However! There was some really great tough-love kinda things that helped shift my focus.

Mostly the reminder that it’s not fun to surf social media when it starts to feel like a brain-drain, you know? The internet isn’t bad (I mean, clearly I freaking love it, it’s how we are connecting right now!) … but the thing that got me was the reminder to use the Internet for the things that get me pumped up and happy about life. Not bummed about what my life isn’t.

I was thinking, what do I love about being online? Well, back in the day before I was a published author, I loved mommy-blogging. I loved sharing about my life as a mother, what food I was cooking, what DIY projects I had going on, how I was trying to manage the crazy. I liked having a place to collect my thoughts and remember the lovely and the messy in life.

Now it’s a lot of years later and I’m typing away on my filthy-sweet stories while the kiddos are at school, but I still miss the connection blogging gave me. You know, that whole feeling-less-alone thing? It really is pretty vital.

When I made my new year’s resolutions this past January I said, I’m gonna blog once a week. That worked about twice. Gah! But after reading the Digital Minimalism book, I realized, I’m still thinking about blogging. And I still wanna do it. So! Here I am, trying again.

I’m hoping some of my readers can relate. It’s hard to juggle all of the things, right? To  figure out the parts that feed our souls the most and what parts make us wanna rant on FB to whoever might listen. But life’s too short to be unhappy, right?

So, here I go. Again. Thanks for still being here, on the Frankie Train — not sure exactly where we’re headed (fingers crossed it’s a mountain with some bearded hotties, lol!).

xo, frankie

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