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After Hours with Frankie Love

A Substack for writers where Frankie Love shares about the shit that happens when you give your heart over to living your best damn life. With her laptop open she shares candidly, whole-heartedly, and it will feel like you’re having coffee with your best friend.

What you’ll get

Frankly! I want more than bathroom sex.

…If we were in the bathroom together right now, you’d put both your hands on my shoulders and look me in the eyes and be like Frankie! Girl! You got this….

Frankly! I had to strip.

…I write for money: to pay the water bill and buy dog food and purchase new vibrators…

Frankly! The chastity belt was way too tight.

…It’s also freeing. Liberating. Now I can do what I want, with whoever I want. I get to play by my own rules…

Who is the writer?

My name is Frankie Love and I write high-heat romance for a living. I sell my stories on the Internet and love the fact that I was able to take my passion (writing) and make it my full-time job.

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