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  • 💕New Release!💕⠀
Humpany [huhm-puh-nee] noun: a booty call that ends up being great company⠀
The set-up: A booty call ⠀
The surprise: We love one another's humpany. ⠀
The shock: We're a hell of a lot closer than we should be. ⠀
It's time to stop, drop, and roll with Andre -- the hottest firefighter to ever light up your kindle. ⠀
He has a real big hose and is hoping you'll slide down his pole. ⠀
It's time to get rid of your smoke detector and sleep with a firefighter! 🔥⠀
Xo, Frankie & Chantel ⠀
  • Home and happy and ready to take on the rest of summer with the people I love most in the world by my side. Lots of fun family things are still in store for the next six weeks before school is back in sesh but first I have a book signing to get ready for tomorrow! 
It’s in Seattle so I don’t have to travel far (Thank goodness bc the thought of boarding another plane makes me a little dizzy! Did I tell you we literally had to run through the airport yesterday to catch the plane and we were literally the last to board?!! It was nerve wrecking!🤪). I’m excited to meet readers and fellow romance authors. I am also a little nervous because I get intimidated by authors who have more experience at this meet and greet thing! Do you ever get nervous?! But I will be there with a smile and a pile a books! 
I’m also very excited for Monday because @c.m.seabrook and I are starting a new novel ...can’t wait! ❤️💐📖💯🥰
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  • There is a reason the print in my kitchen reads: “This kitchen runs on coffee and champagne”! ❤️🍾❤️
💯Everything about this tour was perfect! Insanely good champagne & company. 🥂🥂
#reims #champagnetour #ruinhart #paris #travel #roseallday #vacation #winetour
  • A day spent walking and shopping and people watching. Drinking Aperol Spritzes with my mom and looking at the luxury shops off the Champs d’Elysees.  The kids wanted to do some back to school clothes shopping so we explored their favorite store Citadium. We have nothing like it in the US. Anyways! Fun day that involved lots more walking, good food, and lots of sunshine.🥂☀️👟👟
#citadium #paris #travel #familyvacation
  • Lance Easton is a NAVY SEAL who knows what it means to be in command.⠀
This summer he's taking control of the situation and we don't mind one bit!⠀
This is one anniversary you don't want to miss!⠀
  • Do you have a place you would love to visit one day? Malmaison was that place for me—and it didn’t disappoint. Anyone who has a swoon worthy crush on N&J must take the day trip! My oldest daughter said it was her favorite spot we’ve seen this far. The audio guide was great and overall just really special to visit this chateau. 💯👑
Any place you hope to see one day?!
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  • Had the pleasure of meeting @msheatherwebb at the #denverpopculturecon last month and have waited to read the ARC I scored of her new novel until I was in France! 🍾Her new book, #meetmeinmonaco is as dreamy as it looks! 🥰I am a third of the way in after starting this afternoon during our nap/rest in the park! 🌳Historical romance is one of my fave genres and this book is giving me all feels! I mean Grace Kelly people!!! 👑Nothing is as glam as her! 📖Can’t wait to finish and congrats ladies! @hazelgaynor .
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  • Awww time for your BOOTYVERSARY!⠀
Bootyversary [boo-tee-ver--sa-ry] noun: when someone has had the same booty call for a year⠀
The issue: Peyton's sworn off military men.⠀
The compromise: A booty call when I'm on leave.⠀
The reason tonight changes everything: It's our one-year BOOTYVERSARY.⠀