Flashback with Frankie 5/13

I’m still recovering from my GoT hangover (I’m in the “hate it” camp — WTF I have been “Team Dany”🐉 for so long that this is all pretty rough!)

But work calls, and now I am in my writing trailer📝, working on a new book and thought I’d pop in first and do a little flashback!

Going back in the vault I looked up the releases I had this week in the past!📆

Turns out Their Goddess released May 18th a year ago!

Did you ever read this series? It’s a paranormal reverse-harem series I published under my Charlie Hart pen name. The whole series is in KU and um, it’s a really sexy series.

She fell in love with four gods.
Poseidon. Ares. Zeus. Hades.
But her story is a Greek tragedy.
With the help of her daughters, can she finally find the love she’s been waiting for?
Or will she spend eternity regretting one choice that changed everything?

And going even further back, the audiobook of JACK released this week too, back in the day!

The Bad Boys of Las Vegas is still one of my favorite series I ever wrote.

There are a ton of jaw-dropping chapter endings and romantic suspense, with a happily-ever-after — it’s not crazy dark, obviously because I wrote it! LOL!

I want to protect that girl. I need to protect that girl. And I won’t let anyone stand in my way.

Let me know if you already read these series, or if they are new-to-you books!📖💋

🌹Tonight is a big night — a new season of The Bachelorette begins! I’m SOOO all about Hannah B. and am totally invested in her journey to find love. Can’t wait to see who gets her First Impression rose!🌹

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