You’re WAFFLE-Y Cute

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Title: You’re WAFFLE-Y Cute
Series: The Way to a Man's Heart #6
Release Date: March 26, 2020

Bailey says waffles are her favorite.
So when I ask her to Prom, I make sure she knows just how waffle-y cute I think she is.
But she’s more than adorable — she’s everything.
Most people think Bailey’s shy — but I know it’s more than that.
The girl I love is hiding the truth.
And when she goes MIA the night of the dance, I’m scared she might be in serious trouble.
I’m done being cute — I’m ready to fight for my girl.
Even if it means losing everything else.
Truth is, I love Bailey a waffle lot.

Dear Reader,
When you know, you know.
Billy has plans — and he doesn’t care if people think eighteen is too young to make a life-long commitment.
He’s ready to make Bailey his waffley wedded wife.
Grab some whipped cream and maple syrup because things are about to get sticky sweet!
Xo, frankie

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