You’re My Boo: A Friends-to-Lovers Halloween Romance

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Title: You’re My Boo: A Friends-to-Lovers Halloween Romance
Series: Standalones
Release Date: October 15, 2020

We’ve had this tradition ever since we were kids.
Lucy and I pick out matching costumes for Halloween.
We’re best friends; we go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Thing is, I’ve loved Lucy since the third grade.
But she put me in the friend zone a long-ass time ago.
I want out.
This Halloween I’m making my intentions clear.
If she’s the light socket, I’m the electrical plug.
And it’s about to get charged…

Dear Reader,
Screw trick or treating, Noah is the only candy I need!
This alpha may be a player in Lucy’s eyes, but he’s ready to score the girl he’s always truly loved.
Grab a sucker from the candy basket and take a lick, sweetcheeks. You deserve it.
xo, frankie

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