Wifed By The Mountain Man

Title: Wifed By The Mountain Man
Series: The Mountain Man #3
Release Date: July 17, 2016

“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She laughs softly. “Reed, you’ve been alone far too long if a woman putting a baby to sleep is the thing that gets you hard.”

“Oh, honey.” I pull her close. “Plenty gets me hard.”

“Show me,” she whispers. “Show me how hard you can get.”


When a social worker dropped a baby girl off at my cabin, saying she was mine, my life changed.

I moved to the mountains to live life on my own terms, and having a child doesn’t fit into that plan.

I’m my own f*cking man and don’t need anyone busting my balls. I don’t want a wife. I’m looking for a mother for my baby.

The moment I meet Amelia, I know she isn’t just any woman. She has ideas of how a relationship should work, and our views sure as hell don’t align.

But our chemistry is off the motherf*cking charts … and that might be enough to change my mind about what makes a marriage.


After breaking up with the douchebag of the year, all I want is a real man who knows how to take care of a woman.

A mountain man seems perfect, I’ll tame him and he can protect me.

But the moment I walk into Reed’s luxury cabin in the woods I realize this deal is more than I bargained for. I want to be housewife, but a stay-at-home mom? Um. I don’t know if I can hack it.

And even if I can … do I want to? The answer would be easy if Reed didn’t turn me on––and get me off––so perfectly.

I came to the woods to find my happily-ever-after, but I might have found an ending I never expected.

Warning: This book contains all the trappings for a steamy Frankie Love romance. Panty-melting sex, fierce men, and true love. Oh, and there’s an epilogue with all the girls and their mountain men! Eep!

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