Untamed Lovers

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Title: Untamed Lovers
Series: Mountain Men of Bear Valley #2
Release Date: November 5, 2018

Untamed Lovers is book two in the Mountain Man of Bear Valley stand-alone series.

Bear Valley: Where rugged men find more than a safe haven — they find their mates.

The gorgeous newcomer in town, Harley MacBeth, is everything I’m not. Charming, outgoing, and stubborn. So damn stubborn. Well, I guess we have that in common.

I’m in bear form when I see the infuriatingly sexy woman painting by the river. In a flash, she becomes a damsel in distress. Good thing this mountain man is here to save her. I pull her from the river, kiss her sweet, pink lips, and damn — I’m a goner.

After a night together, I know she’s my mate — my everything. But we’re opposites, and unless we’re in bed, we’re at odds. Her past is coming for her. And even though she may be the only woman for me, she still has a choice to walk away.

Can I convince her that she belongs to me, before it’s too late?

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