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  • A perfect fall Friday.🐶
Hope you find a small moment for yourself today.🍂🍃🌤🍂🍃
#fall #breathe #slowdown #dogpark #dogmom #pnw
  • I’ve been so excited about this release and now it is here! This book is so close to my heart—Virgina has been through so much  already and I really wanted to give her a HEA that felt authentic. Yes there are a bunch of kids and yes there are bearded hotties who love their babies— but somehow it feels real. It feels like home. And this trip to Miracle Mountain feels an awful lot like Christmas. 🌲💋⛰And Tanner is the perfect man for Virginia!!! I love those two together!!! #mountainman #miraclemountain #raised
  • “Love me some single daddy romance and this did not disappoint! Kate was perfect for Weston, their chemistry was off the hook hot and add in adorable Finley and their story will make you sigh. Another great addition to this series that I can’t get enough of....” —Amazon Reviewer
  • Gorgeous hike with my little tribe. It was unexpected and unplanned and perfect. I need more three day weekends in my life!✨⛰🌲☁️🌲⛰✨
#pnw #familyhike #slowingdown #thislifetho #familytime #worklifebalance
  • http://bit.ly/frankiefreebie
  • I posted this on my story but had to post it here. This is my Sammy girl. She looks sad but she’s not. She is a cuddler with curly ears and she sits with me all day, every day. She is the best thing I never knew I needed. #samsters #springerspaniel #dogmom
  • 🎀Check it out, love!🎀