The Snuggle Is Real: A Cozy AF Christmas

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Title: The Snuggle Is Real: A Cozy AF Christmas
Series: Standalones
Release Date: November 25, 2020

I should be pissed. She’s taken up residence in my cabin without my permission.
But how can I be mad when Cozette is so damn sweet?
She’s turned this place into a Christmas Wonderland and suddenly the worst year of my life is ending up great.

She’s got struggles — sure — but who doesn’t?
This cabin feels cozy for the first time, and with her at my side, the snuggle is real.
We can worry about everything else after the holidays.

Except her trouble is knocking on the door.
And refuses to leave empty-handed.

Dear Reader,
Whitaker’s returning to his mountain man roots this Christmas. Lucky for Cozette (and us) this reformed city slicker is determined to make this holiday unforgettable.
Turn on the Christmas lights and get cozy on the couch… but you don’t need any hot cocoa — Whitaker is enough to warm you up!
xo, frankie

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