Swiped Right by the Mountain Man

Title: Swiped Right by the Mountain Man
Series: The Mountain Men of Linesworth #6
Release Date: September 13, 2018

He may have swiped right, but this all wrong.

After my break-up, I’m in a funk.
Enter Timber, a new dating app full of bearded hotties.
I’m matched with Wyatt, a man who’s seriously too hot to handle.
Ripped biceps? Check.
Six pack? Check.
Eyes as clear as a mountain lake? Check.
Sure, this sexy CrossFit trainer is a player, but I’m not looking for a commitment.
And neither is he.
After a night of sexy-times, we wake to realize we’re total opposites.
Good thing Timber is just about hook-ups.
The tiny thing though?
I need a favor, and only he can help me.
I may have given him a super like on the app… but in real life?
This is a super bad idea.
Or is it?

Dear Reader,
Wyatt knows what you need–a full body workout like you’ve never had before.
With good reason, this rugged mountain man is all kinds of cocky.
He doesn’t need to lift weights when he can pick you up and put you right where you belong: in his lap.
It’s time to swipe yes, please!
xo, Frankie

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