Protector of the Mountain

Title: Protector of the Mountain
Series: The Mountain Men of Fox Hollow #2
Release Date: June 6, 2020
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I didn't think it was a hook-up... I thought it was forever.
I may be a tough ass man living in the woods, but when Rainey -- the woman of my dreams -- leaves after just one night, I'm all torn up.
When a baby boy is dropped off at my doorstep nine months later, with nothing but a note, I fear the worst.
But I refuse to give up hope.
I'll protect this baby the same way I'll protect the love I found with his mother... I just have to find her first.

Dear Reader,
Fox Hollow has a new mountain man in town! Reed is a rugged man on a mission: to find his way back to the woman he loves. Because one night with Rainey wasn't nearly enough. He's a dirty-mouthed alpha who needs her in his cabin where he can properly lick... errr, I mean, protect her!
xo, frankie

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