Promised to the Mountain Man (Thickwood, CO Book 4)

Title: Promised to the Mountain Man (Thickwood, CO Book 4)
Release Date: April 16, 2020
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I saved a man’s life.
In return he promised me a bride.
I didn’t think he was serious.
But when his daughter shows up at my cabin, I realize it was no joke.
She’s been sent here as my wife.
Hattie’s a curvy thing with copper-red hair but there’s no fire in her eyes.
This girl is broken. Scared. And goddamn terrified of a hard-ass mountain man like me.
She thinks this was my idea, my plan … and no amount of explaining can change her mind.
But when tragedy strikes, she’s forced to put her feelings aside.
We’re in this together now, whether she likes it or not.

Dear Reader,
Ready for a forced-fiancée, a forest fire, and a few frisky encounters!?
Hattie and Holt are fire and ice … that means someone has to melt!
Holt is hot, horny and hard.
Get ready to fan this flame!
Xo, frankie