PIZZA My Heart

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Title: PIZZA My Heart
Series: The Way to a Man's Heart #1
Release Date: February 17, 2020

When I walk into Sugar and Slice Pizzeria, I don’t expect to leave so damn hungry.
But the moment I lock eyes with Mirabella, I’m craving so much more.
Her curves, her cute-ass smile, and the dark curls in her hair… she’s everything.
She may be taking my order but I’m ready to tell her exactly what to do.
I don’t want her behind that counter — I want her in my bed.
Now and forever.

Dear Reader,
This is a one-slice situation.
Short and filthy-sweet, it’s the perfect 1-hour lunch break read!
Matt and Mirabella want this HEA as badly as you do.
It’s got extra cheese and it’s hot from the oven!
Can ya handle the heat?
xo, frankie

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