Mountain Man Starter Pack: Ten Growly Alphas

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Title: Mountain Man Starter Pack: Ten Growly Alphas
Series: Standalones
Release Date: July 20, 2021

This summer, I’ve got you covered.
Growly, feral, wild, and untamed — I have the ultimate starter pack of dominating heroes who know just what they want.
This collection includes ten mountain man romances. It’s a chance to introduce you to some of my most popular bearded hotties!

This starter pack features unbuttoned flannel shirts revealing all of the abs, cabins made with TLC, home-distilled whiskey, axe wielding heroes, and babies — most often born in multiples. This is an ovary exploding love fest of all of our favorite things.

Heat level? Scorching
Happily-Ever-After? Guaranteed
Over-The-Top? Always.

Tried and true favorites included in the starter pack:

  1. Claimed By The Mountain Man
  3. Mountain Man Candy
  4. Courted By The Mountain Prince
  6.  Hashtagged By The Mountain Man
  7. Heart of the Mountain
  8. The Mountain Man’s Muse
  10. Cave Man

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