Mountain Man Candy

Title: Mountain Man Candy
Series: The Mountain Men of Linesworth #1
Release Date: August 23, 2017

Clive is the local man candy in his mountain town. But after tragedy struck years ago, he’s closed himself off to the idea of love.

It’s gonna take someone extra sweet to break his hard-candy shell.

When candy-maker, Hazel, moves into town, he finds what he’s been waiting for.

But falling in love means more than just satisfying a craving and he has to weigh the filthy-sweet rewards to decide if he’s ready.

Dear Reader,
Mountain Man Candy is more than a short and sexy sugar-rush. It’s a romantic AF, sprinkles on top, dipped-in-chocolate-cherry that’s about to be popped, bite-sized piece of perfection.
It’s a mouthful–and you deserve the extra calories. Promise!
xo, frankie

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