Mountain Man Bun

Title: Mountain Man Bun
Series: The Mountain Men of Linesworth #3
Release Date: December 14, 2017

Greta may own a bakery and whip up the best cinnamon buns in town, but her own life hasn’t been so sugary sweet.

When Ansel sees Greta across the bar he knows it’s more than a fairy tale— this woman is a dream come true.

But this mountain man is new in town and doesn’t know the heartbreak this widow has faced.

Ansel is no ordinary man—he’s a writer who isn’t interested in make-believe. He wants someone real.

Someone like Greta.

And he needs to prove he wants more than the icing on her gingerbread.

He wants her forever.

Dear Reader,
This is the Christmas miracle you’ve been waiting for! True love with a sugar glaze that will melt even the iciest heart! Ansel has a pocket full of breadcrumbs and they lead right to a happily ever after!
xo, frankie

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