January’s First (Kisses at Midnight Book 2)

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Title: January’s First (Kisses at Midnight Book 2)
Series: Standalones
Release Date: December 29, 2019

I’ve been in love with January since the moment I met her.
She was off-limits then. And nothing’s changed now.
But when I see her on NYE, all grown up, I can’t help myself.
I’ve waited a long ass time to make this resolution more than a fantasy.
It’s time to make the girl of my dreams mine.
I’m a man who lives alone in the desert.
She’s a posh princess in the city– and my ex-stepsister.
But this year, she’s gonna be more than that.
I’m gonna be her first.
And she’s gonna be my last.

Dear Reader,
Josh has a hard-on for January, and he’s been waiting all his life for show and tell.
It’s a little insane, a whole lot dirty, and a banging start to the New Year!
You grab some bubbly; I’ll toss the confetti, and let’s watch these two make some fireworks.
xo, frankie
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