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Title: Jackal
Series: Heartlands MC #12
Release Date: August 27, 2020

There’s only one girl I want. And she’s way too good for me.
Lydia is the sweetheart of the Heartlands and she’s nothing but innocent.
And me? I’m nothing but trouble.
As a teenager I did time for a crime I don’t regret.
Killing my stepfather was the only the way to protect my ma.
When I meet the bikers of Heartlands Motorcycle Club, it was like I’d finally found my people.
But I’m keeping a secret. When our new club rivals, the Burning Devils, find out where I’ve been all this time, I can’t keep hiding the truth.
They want to avenge my stepfather’s death. And kidnapping Lydia is their idea of payback.
I’ve been to prison once — I’m not scared of going back.
But I’m goddamn terrified of losing the girl I love.

Dear Reader,
Jackal is a wild-at-heart hero, ready to show Lydia what it means to be his woman. She’s ready to take a leap of faith if it means jumping into his arms … and his bed. This double virgin romance is nothing short of filthy-sweet.
xo, frankie

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