Hunted Fianceé

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Title: Hunted Fianceé
Series: The Dirty Kings of Vegas #5
Release Date: August 29, 2021

I’m an enforcer for a big-time crime boss.

Whatever the job takes, I’ll do it. Fast and hard.
When I’m sent after a runaway, I’ll find her. And I’ll bring her back.
Simple as that. If she wants to fight about it, that’s okay. I don’t mind a fight. It’s what I do for a living.
This girl? She’s fire and ice. She’s sin, wrapped in curves.
I’m saying finders keepers on her. I don’t care what her crime family boss daddy has to say about it.
I’m due a bonus. I’m going to have her.

Dear reader,
It’s dark and hot and filthy. Finn takes what he wants and breaks all the rules over Mia. Nothing will stop him getting her, exactly where he sorely needs her. Fortunately, we’re ready for a hard, hot… romance. Just how you love it.
Xo, Frankie and Alice

The Dirty Kings of Vegas is a mafia romance series with love at its core.

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