Home Is Where The Beard Is

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Title: Home Is Where The Beard Is
Series: Standalones
Release Date: November 21, 2019

You could call me a Grinch.
But instead of green fur, I grew a beard and a brooding attitude.
Sure, I’ve got a chip on my shoulder — but we all have our issues.
I live in the woods. Alone. That’s the way I like it.

Until this December.
When Maple St. Claire knocks on my cabin door and everything changes.
I may be a grump, but I’m a sucker for sweet things.
And this girl? I’ve been in love with her since I was six years old.

It’s the season for miracles and maybe just this once I’ll get the present I’ve wanted all my life:
Maple St. Claire in my arms under the mistletoe.

Dear Reader,
It’s Christmas and I was feeling generous… so I gave you not one, but two virgins.
That’s right, this filthy-sweet romance features an alpha hero who is saving himself for his one and only… and a sweet as sugar heroine who’s been dreaming of this moment all her life.
They’re both about to get a really good Christmas gift!
xo, frankie

Get an extra, epilogue from Filson’s point of view. It’s an extra romance scene, just for fun! Extra epilogue for Home Is Where The Beard Is.

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