High School Sweetheart (Sweetheart, Colorado)

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Title: High School Sweetheart (Sweetheart, Colorado)
Series: Standalones
Release Date: February 2, 2021

Prom Queen and King.
The cheerleader and football captain.
Voted Most Likely to Marry.
We were in love, and at graduation I was naive enough to believe it would last forever.
But then my boyfriend, Baxter Ryder, was gone.
Rumors circulated: His parents were in the mafia, he was actually an AI prototype for the CIA, his family was in witness protection.
I didn’t know what was fact or fiction, but I did know this: the guy I gave my heart to was gone and he never even said goodbye.
Now, ten years later, I’m back in Sweetheart, Colorado, for our class reunion.
My life hasn’t gone as planned. I’m broke, single, and clearly peaked in high school.
But rumors are floating again. They say Baxter’s back in town.
This Valentine’s Day it’s time to confront the man who broke my heart.
Let’s hope he actually shows.

Dear Reader,
Baxter has a good reason for skipping town — it was to protect the girl he loved.
Now he’s back in Sweetheart and ready to prove to Bailey that he meant every I love you, every I’m Yours, every Forever.
This one’s full of sugary-sweet V-day heat… a love story over ten years in the making!
xo, frankie

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