Hashtagged By The Mountain Man

Title: Hashtagged By The Mountain Man
Series: The Mountain Men of Linesworth #5
Release Date: June 21, 2018

Kodiak comes into my coffee shop every day.

And I know everything about this rugged outdoorsman.

I call him #MyMountainMan and take enough discreet photos of him to fill a secret Instagram account.

Which I do.

I’m not obsessed, exactly.

More like super into him. #StalkerMuch

When he finally asks me out, my dreams have come true.

Until a viral photo reveals everything. #SpoilerAlert

I thought Kodiak was my #HappilyEverAfter but can he follow me back after such an #EpicFail?

Dear Reader,
Yes, that’s a lot of #s, but Kodiak is worth being a little cray-cray over!
He’s a mountain man with a body that will have you licking your phone screen.
Yes, he’s just that yummy.
XO, Frankie

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