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Title: Hartley
Series: Standalones
Release Date: November 3, 2021

I’m a gruff talking man who lives alone in a cabin and I never take the same woman out twice.

But my mail-order bride is here and she’s ready for marriage.
She is ready for me.

Turns out, this sweet thing is prettier than a Christmas Tree — sparkly, all lit up, and she has my stocking hung.

Of course, the first thing I do is put my foot in my mouth.
The second? I cause her burst into tears.
I better fix this fast because the third thing I want is to get her in my bed and that sure as hell won’t happen so long as I’m acting like an ass.

The Mistletoe Brothers are ready to save Snow Valley … even if it means marrying complete strangers. The six women who arrive in this mountainside town all have very different reasons for agreeing to an arranged marriage. And none of them quite know what to make of the six ruggedly handsome brothers who greet them. But they do know this: there’s no turning back.

It’s Christmas, the season for miracles … but is it also the season for falling in love? Join six of your favorite romance authors this holiday as they show you around the most romantic town you’ve ever visited. It’s got an ice-skating rink where you can hold hands, hot cocoa to sip by the fire, and plenty of mistletoe that you can kiss under.

These stories are filled with high heat…because with six brothers, there are plenty of packages to unwrap.

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Hattie laughs through her emotions. “I thought you were supposed to be this grumpy mountain man. Now you go and start acting all sweet?”

“I want to make you happy,” I tell her. “You deserve that.”

“And what do you deserve, Hartley?” she asks. It’s a question I’ve never gotten in my whole damn life.

“I know I sure as hell don’t deserve a woman like you.”

She licks her lips, crawling up in my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck. She fits here so damn well. So damn right.

The air shifts between us, the heat rising, the need for her growing. I know she feels it too, and she lets out the tiniest of whimpers to let me know she is right here, in this moment with me.

“But if you did?” she asks. “What if we both deserve what we got?”

“Then I wouldn’t waste our wedding night,” I tell her.

“Is that what we’re calling this?” she asks as I lift her from the couch to take her to my bed.

“Yes,” I tell her. “And right now, I’m carrying you over the threshold.”

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