Furry Face (Makes My Heart Race Book 1)

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Title: Furry Face (Makes My Heart Race Book 1)
Series: Standalones
Release Date: August 3, 2020

Penny is used to douchebags in three-piece suits and trust funds.
But the moment I see her at the bar, sipping her dirty martini, I know she’s thirsty for something else. A real man like me.
She says I’m not her type… but that’s because she’s never been with a furry-faced man. It’s time I rock this curvy sweetheart’s world.
But I’m more than a pretty (bearded) face…I have dreams — big ones that take place on the open sea. I plan on boarding my boat and never looking back.
And I need Penny by my side. She’s the one I want to drop anchor with.
Trouble is, she’s scared of leaving her life behind.
Can I convince her it’s high time we sail off into the sunset?

Dear Reader,
Paxton is ready to melt Penny’s panties away! Say good-bye to the smooth-jawed men, it’s time to screw the bearded bad boy!
xo, frankie

Ready for seven all-new alphas to take control of your library!?
From head to toe, these hotties are prepared to deliver the heart-pounding HEA’s you’re craving!
Forget the beach, these heroes are the summer fun you need!

8/3: Furry Face by Frankie Love
8/5: Bedroom Eyes by Shaw Hart
8/7: Slow Hands by Hope Ford
8/10: Tight Buns from Kate Hunt
8/12: Chiseled Chest by Megan Wade
8/14: Killer Abs by CM Steele
8/17: Alpha’s Arms by Flora Ferrari

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