Followed By The Mountain Man

Title: Followed By The Mountain Man
Series: The Mountain Men of Linesworth #8
Release Date: July 27, 2020

Hard and fast in 280 characters or less.

If his number one goal is to make me crazy, it’s working.
This arrogant cook has never met a woman he wanted to sleep with more than once.
Me? I’m an old-fashioned girl and a virgin to boot.
I want the real thing and I want it to last forever.
So why is he following me on Chatter?
And asking me to Chatter him back?
He may have a million followers, but his cocky one-liners won’t work on me.
He says he’ll follow me to the ends of the earth, but I can’t help thinking he just wants another conquest.
And even if it is more than that, I’m not sure I can handle the heat he brings.

Dear Reader,
Benji’s a mountain man chef with an appetite.
He’s starving and ready to eat whatever you’re cookin’!
So place an order and take a seat, it’s time for a meal you’ll never forget!
#yummy #whatsfordinner #ordersup #fingerlickinggood
Love, Frankie

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