Filthy Desire

Title: Filthy Desire: A Mafia Romance
Series: The Dirty Kings of Vegas #4
Release Date: August 22, 2021
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I run the most powerful mob family in Vegas.
Nobody tells me a girl is “off-limits.”
Even when I know all the reasons she’s forbidden,
nothing will stop me protecting her,
but will she be safe from me?

Dear Reader,
Liam’s hard instalove is way out of bounds. Lucky for us, we don’t mind raising the sizzle to 11. Xo, Frankie and Alice

The Dirty Kings of Vegas is a mafia romance series with love at its core.

We met the O’Malley clan back in the novel McQueen – but here they are again, ready to show everyone who’s boss!
Frankie Love has teamed up with the sinfully sweet Alice May Ball and together they’re ready to roll the dice on love.

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