Explored By The Mountain Man

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Title: Explored By The Mountain Man
Series: Standalones
Release Date: March 22, 2017

Boldly going where no mountain man has gone before …

I’m determined to make a fortune on this new frontier.

Five years in, my mail-order bride arrives.

How in the hell did I get matched with the daughter of the man that ruined my family’s life?

My cabin doesn’t have space for any of her drama.

But she’s determined to make this work.

Don’t know how long I can resist her … I came here for a big payday … and I’d never have guessed she would the one leading me to the jackpot.

Dear Reader,
There is no alien-love in this mail-order bride romance, promise! Just bearded hotties and the women they’ve claimed! Nick and Nova’s love story is out-of-this-world! #bigbang #intergalacticorgasm #nicerocket
xo, Frankie

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