Drilled Deep

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Title: Drilled Deep
Series: Hammers and Veils #4
Release Date: May 23, 2019

Before today I wasn’t sure I believed in love at first sight.
Now? Hell, I feel like my heart’s been drilled deep.
Ana Clemente fills it. Entirely. Problem is, how exactly do I explain that to this sweet little bookworm without scaring her away?
She’s young, innocent, and way out of my league.
I’m a salt of the earth man; I believe in family, faith, and forever.
It’s time I prove to Ana that I want to do more than build her some bookshelves.
I want to build a life with her.

Dear Reader,
Colton King’s the brawny beast you’ve been waiting for.
He’s a man on a mission.
She may start off as a virgin, but pretty soon she’ll know what all the fuss is about. Our blue-collar hero will make sure of it!
xo, Frankie & Chantel

Hammers and Veils is a series of short and flirty stories sure to make you melt!

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