Don’t Go BACON My Heart

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Title: Don’t Go BACON My Heart
Series: The Way to a Man's Heart #4
Release Date: March 13, 2020

I’m a cop, so when I see a damsel in distress, I jump into action.
But the crook isn’t who I want to handcuff…
It’s Valerie, the sweetheart I just saved.
I’m ready to tie her up and make her mine.
Problem is she’s my little sister’s best friend…and she thinks I’m just the nice guy.
But I want to be her guy. Now and forever.
When I take her to the local diner to talk some sense into her, I order eggs and hashbrowns, praying I won’t get a side of her bacon my heart.

Dear Reader,
Vance is a good cop who wants to play dirty.
Grab a pan, baby, let’s fry up something nice and hot.
He’s ready for this short & filthy breakfast date…are you?
xo, frankie

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