Don’t Forget Me: Unforgettable Book 4

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Title: Don’t Forget Me: Unforgettable Book 4
Series: Standalones
Release Date: October 11, 2021

My stepdad was always a drunk – but he never tried to hurt me.
Until last night.
Now I have to run.

I find a safe place to hide out for just one night…
Trouble is, this cabin isn’t as abandoned as I thought.

The owner – a man who’s big and thick in ways that make me feel safe – won’t like that I’ve broke into his home.
I have to leave before he sees me… even though what I really want is to climb into his sturdy lap and ask him to protect me.
Ask him to take real good care of me.

The moment I start to run… I slip and fall.
And my whole world goes dark.
I can’t remember anything.
But I hope he is the one to save me…

The Unforgettable Series
A simple slip and fall, a car crash, a chemical reaction, or even a hockey puck to the head. Next thing you know, amnesia has turned the person you were madly in love with only moments ago into just another face you don’t recognize. How can a romance possibly survive?

The Flirt Club brings you the Unforgettable Series: 8 hazy, fuzzy, swoon-worthy stories of losing a loved one to amnesia and fighting to get them back. Join us in getting lost in love!

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