Dear Mr. Heart On (The Matchmaker Series)

Title: Dear Mr. Heart On (The Matchmaker Series)
Release Date: February 7, 2019
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I make no apologies for the man I am.
Being a tough guy gets the job done.
Which means I have no time to waste dating.
Using a matchmaker seems like a stroke of genius -- until I'm paired with Imogen Branch.
The messiest, fiercest ...and sexiest woman I've ever slept with.
And this woman who seemed so wrong, is now giving me a constant hard on.
But Imogen has a bone to pick -- she claims I'm emotionally unavailable.
She wants more than a man with a hard on ... she wants a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Dear Reader,
Imogen is giving Neil a run for his money ... lucky for them both he has gobs of it.
He's rich, handsome, and really cocky.
Not to mention he's got a really huge ... heart.
Read to find out just how big!
Skip the roses and chocolates this V-day and take care of yourself, I'm always here to help a girl out.
XO, frankie