Daughters of Olympus: Five Reverse Harem Romances

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Title: Daughters of Olympus: Five Reverse Harem Romances
Series: Daughters of Olympus #6
Release Date: July 6, 2021

Daughters Of Olympus is a five book, paranormal romance, reverse harem series …

Land. Sky. Sea. Underworld.

All four are at odds—and only the Daughters of Olympus can bring them together to save mankind.

They may have ancient blood coursing through their veins, but in their hearts they are everyday women struggling to survive … not knowing how to harness their potential.

Love is the last thing on their minds.
But the seductive men sent to guide them have no doubt in their ability.

It might sound good in theory … but these women don’t know one another, let alone their hidden talents.

Now they must rise up and claim their rightful place in history, with the men sworn to protect them.

The fight is on.

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