Crowned By The Mountain Prince

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Title: Crowned By The Mountain Prince
Series: The Mountain Prince #3
Release Date: October 26, 2016


If I have to marry a Princess I’ve never met, let’s have a little fun first.
I want to know what I’m dealing with.
It was only supposed to be an afternoon in disguise, but then a snowstorm hits and everything changes.
Now I’m spending the night in a cabin with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
A woman who has secret fantasies … ones I can fulfill … so long as she thinks I’m not royalty.
Turns out, neither of us are what we seem.


People say I’m innocent, naive.
But that’s just because I believe in true love and happily-ever-after’s.
This arranged marriage dashes those dreams.
But then the Prince’s bodyguard with deep blue eyes, broad shoulders, and a protective hand shows up.
Maybe I can still have what I’ve always wanted—a man who sweeps me off my feet.
I have one night to bring my fantasy to life.

My darling readers,
This is the final Mountain Prince book and is unabashedly my favorite. Grab a copy, snuggle up in a faux fur blanket, and pretend Prince Lucas is all yours. I bet he’ll even let you polish his crown.
xo, frankie

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