Courted By The Mountain Prince

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Title: Courted By The Mountain Prince
Series: The Mountain Prince #1
Release Date: October 2, 2016

“I can’t hold back anymore. I don’t want to and I don’t need to. I’m taking her now.”


An arranged marriage is the last f*cking thing I want.
But this country is my home, and there’s no way in hell I’m leaving.
Which means I’m marrying this straight-laced princess who seems to think resisting my royal c*ck is going to work.
Every time she pulls away, I want her more.
I’ve got a reputation that scares her.
But what scares me more is the fact that I’m actually falling for this girl.


Leaving my bankrupt island for this frigid mountain is the last thing I want.
When my father sends me off to marry a wild prince in exchange for a dowry that can save the country, I do my duty.
Hunter is determined to sleep with me, but the last thing I need is for him to bed me and leave me before I get him to the altar.
Problem is, my panties are soaked every time he glances my way.
And my heart? It’s racing the moment his lips so treacherously meet mine.
It’s not just my reputation at stake; my entire country is counting on me.
No pressure.

DARLING READER: This is a royal romance like you’ve never read before. But you won’t need to pack a winter coat for this trip into the snow; this mountain prince is guaranteed to keep you plenty warm. In fact, you’ll be pulling off the layers. 😉

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