Charmed By The Mountain Prince

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Title: Charmed By The Mountain Prince
Series: The Mountain Prince #2
Release Date: October 12, 2016

“This is happening, Princess. It’s time you took my royal c*ck.”


Being a Prince may be my f*cking duty, but there’s no way in hell I’m living in the stuffy castle.
I prefer my cabin in the woods; the one I built with my own two hands.
The time has come for my arranged marriage.
Hell, there are worse things than having a woman in my bed every night.
Regardless of who this Princess is, I’m not changing my ways.
But then Iris shows up with ultimatums and a perfect p*ssy.
One of us has gotta give.


I leave home with optimism … somehow I’ve got to make this work.
So what if this prince has a reputation for being a royal ass?
It’s still an adventure — which is all I’ve ever wanted.
Garrick is ruggedly handsome and our chemistry is undeniable.
But the rumors are true…
He’s more than a jerk; he’s stubborn as hell.
But I have a plan to change his cocky ways.
He just has to agree to it.
Wish me luck.

DEAREST READER: It’s time to cozy up with a new mountain prince. Garrick is filthy dirty and needing to be tamed. Get ready to fantasize about all the ways you can whip him into shape. 😉

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