Cave Man Make Baby

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Title: Cave Man Make Baby
Series: The First Mountain Man #3
Release Date: June 21, 2021

I never intended on time travelling to the Stone Age during my Special Ops mission – but it’s not the first thing in my life to get effed up.
To say I didn’t have a happy childhood is an understatement – that’s why I joined the military first chance I got.
And to be honest – living alone on the beach isn’t the worst way to live out my days.
But all that changes the moment Fancy winds up on my coastline.
She’s sexy, confident and smart as hell.
And she seems downright happy to be here. Chipper in ways I really can’t handle.
And she’s got ideas about making a baby.
Plans, really.
Funny thing is, it’s not me she’s interested in.
She wants to hatch this egg I found. She thinks our future depends on it.
Me? The only thing I want is her.

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