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Title: Built
Series: The Mountain Man's Babies #6
Release Date: October 31, 2017

I pull into the diner of this small mountain town, knowing there’s only two things I want: To put down roots and find someone to build a life with.
And when I slide into the booth, the woman who pours me a cup of joe is sweet as sugar and warm as apple pie.
She serves me up a “Josie Special” and I know she’s made to order—the only woman for me.

My past is dark, too dark for a ray of light like her.
But she cracks open the clouds and lets the sunshine in … she sees me as the man I can become.

Her father wants me gone.
He thinks he knows all about me.
But he’s wrong, and I’ll do whatever I can to clear my name.

For Josie. For our love.
For the life we will build together.

Dear Reader,
You’re going to melt when you meet Beau Montgomery—he’s BUILT, if you know what I mean. He’s all man, all alpha—and all yours. This mountain is full of babies, and he’s gonna make one fine baby-daddy—guaranteed!

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