Title: Bootyogomy
Series: Booty Call #1
Release Date: June 29, 2019

Bootyogomy [boo-tee-ag-uh-mee] noun: exclusive booty call with only one person at a time.

The place: Hot Wheels Roller Rink
The girl: Kendall a.k.a my lifelong crush
The soundtrack: 80’s music
The problem: She’s my best friend’s sister
The solution: BOOTYOGOMY

This summer Kendall and I throw out the cliched no-strings-attached deal and made our own pact.
We call it Bootyogomy.
An exclusive booty-call.
She thinks I’m in it for the hook-up, but she has no idea.
This girl is my world and it’s time to make her mine.

Dear Reader,
Max Major is a cop who looks mighty fine in a uniform!
That butt tho!
And if he’s bringing the handcuffs, we’ll commit the crime.
One of you readers will bail us out, wontcha?
Xo, Frankie and Chantel

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