Booty Camp

Title: Booty Camp
Series: Booty Call #4
Release Date: July 20, 2019

Booty Camp [boo-tee-kamp] noun: Two people isolating themselves to get better at the deed.

The issue: She’s a virgin and crushing on a player.
Her hang-up: Wants experience before she makes a move.
The solution: Teach her everything I know.
My idiotic move: Falling for the girl who wants the other guy.

Mila Crawford thinks she needs lessons to be ready for the douchebag she’s eyeing.
I may think he’s all wrong for her, but I want to be the guy who teaches her.
Why? She’s the complete package.
Funny, smart, sexy… oh, and way too good for me.
It’s time for BOOTY CAMP: A weekend alone with the girl of my dreams.
I’m not leaving this hotel suite until I make her mine.

Dear Reader,
Grady Callahan is a reformed womanizer.
This pilot only wants ONE woman in his cockpit.
He knows the flight path and is ready for you to board his plane.
Buckle up, baby, it’s gonna be a real hard ride!
Xo, Frankie & Chantel

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