A Serious Relation-CHIP

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Title: A Serious Relation-CHIP
Series: The Way to a Man's Heart #10
Release Date: May 28, 2020

When my sister and her husband pass away unexpectedly, my heart breaks.
My niece is six months old and she’s one cute cookie.
She needs me to man up and be her daddy.
But I can’t do it alone.
I’m a firefighter and need a nanny I can rely on.
When Brittany shows up to help, it bakes my day.
And not just because she’s here to care for the baby.
One look and it’s clear this curvy girl makes my cookie crumble.
One hour and she’s made my dreams crumb true.
One week of her baking my day, I ask the question she never saw coming.
Does she want to be in a serious-chip?

Dear Reader,
Life is what you bake it … and Beckett is one smart cookie.
He’s knows Brittany is the one for him and he’s not gonna let anything get between them rolling around in the (cookie) sheets.
This quickie is melt-in-your-mouth perfection.
Xo, frankie

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