100% BRAT

Title: 100% BRAT
Series: 100% #1
Release Date: May 11, 2022

This story is short, explicit and written with your dirty little ass in mind.
New Post from @BakingBrat
: So … last night things got so hot. My tamer had a long day at work and was starving. He was so mad when I burned the dinner … didn’t tell him it was on purpose. Can’t help it! I was ready for some funishment. Thing is, if my man’s hungry — I want to be the ONLY thing he eats.

The set-up: A group of BRATS love to chat in an online forum about their sex lives.
The stories: Each stand-alone story is a look inside the relationship of a BRAT and her TAMER.
The steam: Scorching hot monogamous pairings with love, trust, and kink.

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