Las Vegas Bad Boys

This series contains a helluva lot of chemistry and smokin’ hot sex. Just be prepared, babycakes. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Princeton Charming

“Things just got royally complicated!” One kiss tells her this is a bad idea. Two kisses tell her he’s too good to be true. Three kisses and she’s royally screwed. Spencer Beckett might be everyone else’s Prince Charming but can he sweep this princess off her feet?

The Men of Whisky Mountain

Four wild, untamed men. The Men of Whiskey Mountain are defending what’s theirs. With guns blazing.

F*ck Club

What do you get when you give a bad boy with a tragic past a virgin to fight for? Love. And what do you get when you strip them of their clothes? Sex. Really hot sex. Get ready to meet Callahan … he’s ready to show you everything he has to offer. And ladies … I promise it’s a hell of a lot!